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Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2011

The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs is on it's 5th year. A writing project that seeks in identifying new and emerging blogs who are making an impact to its readers. Here is my official entry for The Top Ten Emerging Influential Blogs 2011.

A spicy blog of a single working mom who cherishes her daughter so much. Pepper writes so good that you'll really feel how the parent in her mirrors you as the reader. A newbie she may be, this blog is really interesting and promising.

I'm voting for this blog for the simple yet so BIG reason that her advocacy to protect the environment is definitely inspiring. This Mommy doesn't just have the knowledge of ideas but also the heart to save Mother Earth.

Everyone of us, whatever gender or age we have has this vain side. This blog simply embraced the fact that being vain ain't require someone to be rich. I have my vote for My Painted Lips because of her simple approach on vanity. her tips are definitely of great help especially for a stay-at-home-mom like me.

Happy thoughts and memories is what this Mom writes. Who wouldn't be amazed on how Mommy Ruby manages every blog she has? This mom's wit created and founded a number of communities and groups too. She's managed to share a lot to every blogger she's encountered. She definitely deserves a spot.

This blog serves as a tote of wonderful experiences and ideas a mommy blogger has. You will be awed on how a newbie blogger is packed full of effective parenting ideas. The author's determination will not just inspire the readers but influence as well.

Inspired by the levitaion spell of Hermione from the movie Happy Potter, this blog gets a vote from me. The author and I have the same reasons on deciding to blog, explore things around and share tips and ideas that could be helpful if not to all, at least some. You will not feel boredom in this blog because its packed with lots of reasons to levitate.

A vote goes to this blog which is like a jar full of colored candies & sweets. Or, I must say, that this blog is much like of a book or diary that is full of thoughts and stories of learning and life's essence. It is a combination of niches, from personal to being a mom. From business to parenting. Another blog that should not be out of the list.

An interesting blog of food loving siblings. You'll find great ideas and recipes in this one-of-a-kind blog. These two certified foodies believe that the key to everyone's heart is really food and this has made them the closest siblings ever.

As the name itself connotes, it's a blog jam-packed with blogging tips and tricks. Check out how a Mom manages to be hands-on yet a fulfilled blogger at the same time. Her tips about blogging didn't just came out of the box but were all self-experienced and though some may not work for all of us, what we can get here will truly help any blogger one way or another.

Another vote goes to a Mom's blog. The author has incorporated the wonders and ponders of being a mom. For me, this is a blog celebrating the toughest job on Earth yet keeping the balance. This blog doesn't just get a vote from me but also a salute and virtual bouquet of flowers. Hooray to being a Mom!

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Babiesaandcontests September 7, 2011 at 7:19 PM  

thank you so much for the support.

visiting back here :)

janettetoral.com September 10, 2011 at 7:09 PM  

Hi Stephanie. I just included your entry in the final count. Hope to see you on September 13.


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