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8th month

Haley Roneese

Today is my baby's 8th month.
As always, we had a simple celebration and for this month, it was simple but with the whole family sharing Pancit Canton is already fun.

Haley Roneese or Roey as we call her had shown a lot of funny and exciting things I'd rather call developments. Though, there were times I worry and feel guilty 'coz the bed bugs so love her. Oh please spare my little angel.

Roey's first tooth showed up when she was 22 wks and the first 4 set at the upper part showed on her 30th. She still can't sit on her own yet but she's crawling already...can forward from about 2" to a feet. And oh, she loves gadgets! She would eagerly grab my mobile phone and iTouch. She loves to dance to the tune of Justine Beiber's "BABY". LOL!

She can do the "close-open", "peek-a-boo", itsy-bitsy act, stick out her tongue with saliva shower and now practices to wink. She would even cry whenever I leave for work. She will have difficulty sleeping and will burst into tears with a real loud cry if I will not carry and sway/dance her. Spoiled right? haha!

I just wish and pray that both my kids grow up healthy, kind, loving and God fearing. Happy 8th month sweetie baby Roey!


AC July 7, 2010 at 11:49 PM  

has it been 8 months already??? aww!!! big girl na si Roey... Parang kelan lang eh nasa tummy mo pa sya mommy stef... hehe... hope to see you again when we get back...


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