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Unusually tiring weekends


It was the 1st weekend of the month which gave me a peek of somewhat a busy month.
We attended a friend's send-off party June 5th. It was Sunday the next day and we had a "field trip" (as I call it, kidding aside) to The Medical City in Trinoma. I had my OB perform a pap smear check up. Keanna lined up at the Dermatology section while Roey was first in the list for the 3PM Pediatrician. Good thing that Mama was with me to attend to the kids 'coz if not, whew! Good luck to me!
I was a bit worried about Roey's situation at that time but I managed to keep my cool. I accidentally noticed a lump on her right breast when she was just 5 months old. I had to monitor it for a month and as soon as I got hold of out medical cards, off to the Pedia and had it checked. Dra. Hassan referred us to her friend, Dr. Bernardo, a surgeon. I can't imagine my 7 months old child undergoing a surgery. I whispered a prayer.
After all our check ups, we visited my niece Joan who is working as a trainer at Fitness First in the same mall then we ate at KFC.

We had to wait for the surgeon's clinic schedule which was a Saturday. Hubby, me and Roey waited for him at the clinic for quite an hour or so. There were so many patients that day, I swear! The surgeon was nice and very accommodating. He then told me and hubby that a surgery is unnecessary yet and we can only try warm compress. It is highly possible that the lump was due to the Estrogen Roey got from me at the time I gave birth to her. There could have been too many for her of the said hormone. Now, in the event that Roey feel discomfort and the lump causes her pain, that is when we'll have to go back to the surgeon and a thorough examination will be necessary. We were also assured that there's been no breast cancer for baby's age at all.
The news then gave both me and Ronald a sigh of relief.
Then Sunday afternoon, my Mom and Keanna went to Church. I also received a phone call from my cousins Divine and Esmeeh who invited us over dinner. We didn't bring Roey anymore so this time, we were with big sister Keanna. She happily played with her cousin Kate Jhazreel. Can you see it in their eyes? LOL!



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