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Outdoor Fun!

Now this photo was taken more than a year ago when my previous employer held the annual Family Day and at the same time celebrated it's 5th year anniversary. As it clearly show, it is a place called Enchanted Kingdom.
It is the first theme park here in the Philippines and has been here since July, 1995.
It is located in Sta. Rosa City, Laguna which boasts a land area of 17 hectares.

This is what they call Wheel of Fate. It could be scary at first since it is so big and... really, I'm afraid of heights most of the time. =)

My daughter Keanna has been here twice, and she enjoyed both times!

Now, hubby is not really a fan of outdoors so it was his first time during that Family Day. We never thought that somewhere, somehow, there's an eye (thanks to a colleague!) who captured our try in EK's Space shuttle!

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Ready For Solids

It hasn't been a while when I introduced Roey to solid foods.
I was actually hesitant at first and told myself that I'll wait for her 6th month before I let her take solids. But, I saw her readiness and her eagerness to taste something else, haha! I had to check out Baby Center and make sure she is indeed ready. So when she was 22 weeks, I had her taste Nestle Cerelac. I also had her taste apples and bananas already.

The very first solid she tasted was a fuji apple, where I had her hold a slice and she eagerly licked it as you can see the picture. That gave me the hint that she is ready enough for solids.

In this photo, I fed her about 2 tablespoons of Cerelac.

She enjoyed it, right?

Now, I found this list of Top 10 best foods for babies from Baby Center and I'd like to share it with you all. I myself will have to try and give these to my baby.

* Avocados
* Blueberries
* Broccoli
* Dark green leafy vegetables
* Garbanzo beans
* Lentils
* Mandarin oranges
* Meat
* Prunes
* Squash



This LINK will lead you all to our entry in the KFC Chewy Cheese photo contest. We would highly appreciate if you can vote by clicking on LIKE under her photo. If the link did not work, maybe you can visit my profile and you'll find the pic under "Stef's Photos" which looks like this -

THANK YOU everyone!

This photo however, was not really intended for the contest. It just so happen that it was taken days before the said contest and really fits the theme and concept. I hope we get to win even just a consolation prize, haha!

Here are other photos of Roey playing with the yellow pillow and yellow hat which I bought for only P10.00. Believe it or not! LOL!

So this will be my entry to

mommy moments


Cool off

Summer is indeed here! It is so freaking hot here in the Philippines!

So, to cool off, here's a tub of ice cream for you all. My daughter Keanna picked the Melon flavor of Selecta's Pinoy Sorbetes. I was hesitant at first but gave in to her request and she's indeed right that it tastes good!
And cheap too! Haha!
P99.00 = $ 2.20

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Funny Baby

Happy MYM everyone!

Here's a funny photo of my 5 month old baby. We call her Roey which is an unusual combination of her real name... HalEY ROneese (reversed).

I've been thinking to post a flower picture i took last week but then changed my mind and thought of a brighter idea, I guess. This photo is our entry to yet another photo contest we've joined in Facebook.

So, I'm once again asking a favor from you fellow bloggers to LIKE her photo, our entry and help us win cool prizes. THANK YOU so much in advance.

And by the way, if you encounter issues with this link ( http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4108897&id=579411937&subject=389678798412&ref=mf ) , please leave me a message. =)

I had to post the link as is 'coz a few of my friends complained they can't view it.



Little Shoes

This was my baby Roey's baptismal shoes. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to wear it because it slips off her feet. Haha! Silly me, I didn't bother get her size before I bought her one. Even if it says this shoes is for 0-3mos, it is big for her.

Now this one is something she hasn't tried wearing yet. Just as the first one, this is still big for her to use. A gift from my friend, Sylvia. I was even with Sylvia when she bought this and I chose it myself. I picked the red colored shoes to match this dress she's wearing...

This Red dress was given by Ninang Irish and I'm sure she'll be pretty with the matching red shoes.
And lastly, this pair was originally Ate Keanna's. It was also a gift from her Ninang Sophia. Good thing that I was able to keep it and Roey will soon wear this one.

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mommy moments



Come and pick one!
Remember, an apple a day, keeps the doctor away!

That's my daughter Keanna picking an apple.

My entry to


Yummy Yellow

I almost forgot it's Monday, sorry for that folks! =D

And before I get too late for this week, here's my entry ...
isn't it inviting?

More entries here:



Recognition Day

It was just last Wednesday when Marian School of Q.C. celebrated their Recognition Day.

Once again, Keanna made us proud by bringing home 2 medals. She was given a gold medal for winning 1st place in the English Declamation contest and a bronze one for being 3rd Honor.

She was invited as well to show her winning piece as an intermission.
It was also the first time that little sister Roneese attended a school activity and Ate Keanna is so proud to introduce her sister to her teachers and classmates.


This photo shows Andrea, Yuji, Keanna and Roneese.

Congratulations again Anak, we hope that you keep up the good work. We love you!

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mommy moments


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